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Hello friends and fellow tour buddies.  This is my personal web site
that I maintain myself.   It has many unique pictures of interest to those
who travel and those who I have traveled with.  The site also contains
some personal information about me,  what I am doing, and about my
friends and family.  Included, also, is some information about my
personal interests and hobbies.  Feel free to examine the information,
pictures, and leave me  feed-back.
Last Updated January 20, 2018
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We should all be dancing
and having a good time,
Today is the first day
in the rest of our life.

Hello Friends and Fellow Travelers

I just got back from Brazil/Argentina where I had an outstanding time. Brazil
and Argentina are really amazing, especially with all the new development and
improvements.  The staff and sites have been developed to make the trip
enjoyable.  Brazil and Argentina were made exciting by the exceptional tour
director, Virginia, the local tour guides, and excellent bus drivers.  Since it was
the beginning of Spring the weather was warm and dry.  It was a little warner
than the weather we have in Ohio.  We only had one day of rain which was only
in the morning.  We had 36 people on the tour bus and everyone got along
great.  They were all Americans, from different states and cultures.  What a
great mix!  Each group had its own special interests to add to the touring
experience and thus make the trip special.  A good time was had by all.

Now that I have completed my trip to South America I am in the process of
planning my next vacation.  I will going to Serbia and Macedonia.  

I just scheduled my Gate1, 14 Day Magistic Balkins Tour to Serbia and
Macedonia.  I will be going on May 22, 2018 and return June 3, 2018.   I am
looking forward to this tour as Macedonia is the birth place of both of my
parents and I will be within 20 miles of their homes.  I hope to be able to hire a
local guide to take me around Prelep and Bitola Macedonia.  These are small
farming villages.

Look for more on my future trips, here.