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Babcock and Wilcox

The WOIC stock club and I have just purchased stock in BW.  
The stock has dropped because of problems in their European
market.  We at the club feel that this is a good time to buy and
hold the stock for some time and sell when it returns to it level.
The company is solid and just needs to solve its European
problems to become profitable.  BUY UP TO $5.00

As I have been able to "average cost" my loosing stock to a
more reasonable price and sell them, I have been putting that
money into stocks that pay good dividends.  My thought
process has changed to the realization that I should be paid for
a company using my money; they owe mw a dividend.  (Have
you noticed that those companies that pay a good dividend
tend in increase in value.  All investors love a strong company
paying a good dividend.)

Kinder Morgan Pipeline  KMP $17.00
Kinder Morgan has been paying over a 2% dividend to its
shareholder for the past four years.  Several yaers ago KMP
redid itself to save cash and pay off debt.  They also chose to
reduce the high dividend and finance there expansion with the
cash they are generating.  KMP is building pipelines in Canada
and the natural gas liners in Ohio and Pennsylvania.  Buy up
to $19.00.

Blackrock Dividend Trust BDJ $9.00
Blackrock set up a dividend trust in which they invest in high
paying dividend stocks and pay those dividends out to their
trust members.  Of course, they keep part of the dividends for
their operation but do return most to the trust members.  There
dividend has fallen in the last 3 quarters has many companies
have lowered their dividend payments, but Blackrock is still
paying $.96 per year.  This dividend comes to about 11% per
year.  With the rule of compounding money, this stock should
pay itself off in 8 years, and then the dividends are free.  Buy
up to $9.00 or below.
At the recomendation of Jim Morrisson the WOIC bought
sharesof BOLTZ ETF Fund.  Since we bought the ETF
(Electronic Traded Funds) the stock has gone up.  The
fund invests in artifical intelligence companies all over the
world.  We recommend you buy the stock up to $30.00.